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Alain Silberstein an architect and designer started his brand in 1990, together with his wife Sylvie. The company specialised in watches with modern, extravagant and colourful designs, inspired by the German Bauhaus movement.
His French flair brought a little fun to the world of Swiss watchmaking, as can be seen from our collection. Sadly the Silberstein company has now closed down, making the pieces we have even rarer and more collectable.
Alain Silberstein was an architect and designer by profession, before he created his own watch company. He now and produces nearly 3,000 watches a year. Alain Silberstein creates versatile watches, appropriate for both everyday and eveningwear; his watches are both incredibly artistic and contemporary. In twenty years, Alain Silberstein has managed to make a good name for himself, and be considered among more-established French watchmakers. Incredible research, innovation and artistry have enabled Alain Silberstein luxury watches to grow more and more popular each year.