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SevenFriday is a Swiss brand aimed to challenge the norms of the watch industry through their out-of-the-ordinary creations. With the motto "Show Me, Don't Tell Me", SevenFriday wants their clients to live as if every day is a Friday. This means going out of their comfort zone, experiencing new things, and having that sense of freedom by using their watches.
What is unique about SevenFriday is that it uses industrial engines and architecture as inspirations for their watches. The W1/01 BLADE from the SevenFriday W Series is inspired by the circular saw, while the M2/02 from the SevenFriday M Series is inspired by copper pipes from the industrial revolution. SevenFriday's one-of-a-kind timepieces separates them from the rest and gives them an added edge despite being a young competitor in the market.
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