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Perrelet watches have a rich history and legacy that goes back all the way to the 18th century when Abraham-Louis Perrelet founded the company. The founder of this company was an innovative mind who committed all his time to improve and make his contribution to the world of watchmaking in 1760. He did not just assemble watches, but he also created triggers and gears. Additionally, he dedicated himself to develop reliable mechanisms for automatic winding. To keep the legacy trickling beyond him, he shared his watchmaking talent with his grandson Frederick Perrelet who invented astronomical watches with pendulums in 1815. In this spirit, the company has kept true to its motto of mixing innovation and tradition by creating automatic timepieces that reflect the sophistication of modernity and the beauty of tradition. The company also embraces users from the two sexes by designing luxury watches that meet feminine and masculine needs and preferences. These prestige timepieces come in different shades of style that feature stainless steel, gold, and diamonds that are crafted to enhance their esthetic appeal. The company has a wide variety of selections that give users a taste of elegance and prestige. For example, the Perrelet Watch Turbine is one of the most visible and recognized collections from the company. The collection features a double rotor movement and a polished stainless steel case. Additionally, the timepieces have Arabic numbers that make the reading of the watch easier for the user. To ice the cake, the watches feature a white satin strap and a matching steel buckle. Another collection that prestige lovers of new and used luxury watches can sample is the Perrelet Watch Class-T Chrono. All these pieces are fitted with automatic movements and stainless steel cases, sleek steel hands, and a provision for displaying date so that consumers can keep in touch with time and dates. They also have scratch-resistant features owing to their sapphire crystal glass. Users can also dive with the watches up to 50 meters below water and enjoy a power reserve of up to 42 hours. Besides their prestigious flair, these watches have a classy black calf leather strap that ensures that your experience of prestige goes hand in hand with comfort. In addition, the company has a lot to offer women who want to experience its new and used luxury watches. The famous Perrelet Watch First Class Lady comes in handy as a ladish option that a modern woman can't resist. This collection oozes with the grace and elegance that define what feminine prestige is all about. The expertly designed timepiece interweaves luxury and elegance that give women their rightful place in the world of luxury watches. The models in this collection come with a tender black and classy leather strap made from alligator skin. This way, users can enjoy comfort as they splash an aura of feminine grace. Moreover, the machine has a stainless steel case that enhances its durability and its back has a sapphire crystal glass case to complete the equation of beauty and glamour.