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Through the early 1960s to 1980, Piaget focused on developing ultra slim mechanical movements. In 1964 Piaget stirred watch conversation when it presented the first watch with faces made of precious stones. In 1976 the Piaget workshop developed the Caliber 7P, the smallest quartz moment of its generation. These unique styles became Piaget hallmarks. In 1979 Piaget launched its Polo watch, which became very popular. It also became an iconic model and a timepiece of celebrity status when it was seen on multiple Hollywood actors. In 1988 the company joined the large luxury group, Richemont. Soon after, the company made its first jewelry line, named Passion, which also became very popular within celebrity circles. In 1999 the company reintroduced some of its contemporary models and remade them with modernized movements. Then, in 2001, Piaget opened a new manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Geneva. This workspace gathered masters of many productions in watch making and jewelry, creating an integrated system where Piaget could thrive. The following year, the company released the Caliber 600P, the thinnest tourbillion movement in the world at that time. Since then, the company has established a motto that manifests itself into its products: "Always do better than necessary".
Piaget has produced eight watch collections: Black Tie, Altiplano, Piaget Polo, Dancer and Traditional Watches, Exceptional Pieces, Limelight, Possession, Creative Collection. The Black Tie collection embodies a sense of elegance fused with technical mystery. Altiplano has all of the latest movements and is highlighted by the refined aesthetics of the Piaget Altiplano collection of ultra thin timepieces. Piaget Poli was made in 1979 and features a revolutionary design with an integrated strap, case, and bezel. The Dancer and Tradutuibak Watches are eternally rounded, very thin, and are utterly timeless. The Exceptional Pieces are always pushing the boundaries of excellence. They feature original settings, magnificent stones, and bolder designs, which integrate innovative complications. Limelight is dazzling, fashioned in gold, and studded with precious stones. This style was crafted for the celebrities and designed to be on the red carpet. Possession is made with brilliant cut diamonds and thousands of sparkling gems. The straps are playfully interchangeable and can be replaced at will. The Creative collection is a trendsetter. All of these collections are what has made Piaget one of the most well-known luxury watch manufactures in the world.
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