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After Vacheron and Constantin passed away, their heirs proudly carried on the family tradition. Prior to his passing, Vacheron encouraged the company to join the Association for Research into Non-Magnetic Materials. Shortly after, in 1869, the brand unveiled their first pocket chronometer and later, in 1885, their first anti-magnetic timepiece. By 1875, the brand had outgrown its workshops. To design their new facilities, they hired Jacques-Elysee Goss, who was famously responsible for Geneva's Grand Theater opera house. Once Vacheron Constantin's new headquarters was complete, it was the most modern manufacturer in Switzerland. This significant structure is still with the brand today, as home to their heritage museums.
As Vacheron Constantin continued to grow their international reputation, they decided to adopt the Maltese Cross as an emblem of the brand in 1890. However, they remained equally dedicated to their Swiss roots. In 1901, they proudly accepted the honor of becoming the first watchmaker to receive the iconic Hallmark of Geneva. Yet, there were challenges ahead for the first time in the brand's storied history. Vacheron Constantin took a hit during the Great Depression. By 1940, the Constantin family had lost their majority stake in the company. With that, the brand's 185 years of family leadership came to an end.
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