Master Collection SS 1:1 Best Edition white dial on black leather strap A2836 KW

Stainless steel  Asian ETA 2836-2 Automatic Movement, 28800bph
Master Collection SS 1:1 Best Edition white dial on black leather strap A2836 KW

Master Collection SS 1:1 Best Edition white dial on black leather strap A2836 KW On Sale

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CASE: Stainless steel
MOVEMENT: Asian ETA 2836-2 Automatic Movement, 28800bph
DIMENSIONS: 38mm x 11mm
CRYSTAL: Scatch-proof Sapphire Crystal

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By Ingrid Daniels  February 25,2020,8:46 am
This watch looks great and was significantly cheaper than it would have been if purchased anywhere other than My only complaint is that it is quite for a male.


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