Rolex DateJust 36mm 126200 Fluted Bezel Roman Markers *4 Dials* Bracelet A2836 & A2813 BP

316LStainless Steel Case Asian Eta 2813 Automatic Movement,21600bhph
Rolex DateJust 36mm 126200 Fluted Bezel Roman Markers *4 Dials* Bracelet A2836 & A2813 BP

Rolex DateJust 36mm 126200 Fluted Bezel Roman Markers *4 Dials* Bracelet A2836 & A2813 BP On Sale

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DESCRIPTION: From the BP Factory
CASE: ?316L?Stainless Steel Case
MOVEMENT: ?Asian Eta 2813 Automatic Movement,21600bhph
DIMENSIONS:36mm x 12mm

Was: $403.5.00  SALE Price:  $269.00

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Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sUSA Marina Del Rey
By Chanrotenah Krai  January 3,2020,12:50 am

1s1s1s1s1sUSA East Palatka
By Deeann Pavlick  September 28,2019,11:49 am
great [WEB] A++++++ watch

1s1s1s1s1sMalaysia Bota
By Steffanee T  December 19,2019,1:39 am
I was looking for something a little less heavy and chunky so I have returned it. The quality seems to be fine and If your taste is for a more solid watch you may well love it, it just wasn't to my taste.


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