Rolex Datejust 18 ct gold automatic Kal. 2235 Ref. 178248

18 ct gold automatic
Rolex Datejust 18 ct gold automatic Kal. 2235 Ref. 178248

Rolex Datejust 18 ct gold automatic Kal. 2235 Ref. 178248 On Sale

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Brand : Rolex
Model : Datejust
Type : women's watch
time of purchase : 23.02.2008
Functions : date fast circuit,
Weight : 127.00 g
Mouvement : automatic
Movement/Caliber : 2235
Clockwork number : 1887698
Case number : F134505
Reference number : 178248
Case material : 18 ct gold
Glass : sapphire glass
Clock face : white
Accessories : pictured booklets, pictured new box

Clock face : very good condition
Glass : very good condition
Case : very good condition
Case back : very good condition
Bracelet : very good condition with minimal traces of use
Movement/Caliber : fully operational / checked for performance, authenticity and functionality
Watertightness : The watch has been successfully tested for water resistance. Please find the inspection protocol enclosed

Diameter : 31.00 mm
Height : 10.50 mm
Lug width : 16.00 mm

Bracelet material : 18 ct gold
fits up to a wrist of : 150.00 mm
Clasp : original 18K Rolex flip clasp
Description : Original Rolex 18 ct gold bracelet. You can determine your wrist size by measuring the inner length of your watch strap with the buckle closed.

Was: $403.5.00  SALE Price:  $269.00

Original Box :

Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sSpain Ibiza San Antoni
By Claire Conway  August 22,2019,10:22 am
I love this watch! It's prettier than the picture.A little ger than what i imagined, but in over all I recommend this very classy watch.

1s1s1s1s1sSaudi Arabia Riyadh
By catherine hiltgen  December 28,2019,11:49 am
It's a very nice , really elegant, I like it very much, thank you!!!

1s1s1s1s1sIreland Dublin
By Wendy J  September 23,2019,11:23 am
great deal, AAA

1s1s1s1s1sThailand Muang
By Marty W  May 21,2020,9:21 am
It's comfortable to wear, also.

1s1s1s1s1sOasda Co Lios Angeles
By Taylorsville Youth Football  May 24,2020,7:45 am
I purchase two different set of watches from Jeffrey Banks for my neice and she say they are awesome, she wears one of them daily, great goes with everythingJAS


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