Skyland Avenger SS 1:1 Best Edition Black Numeral Dial White Subdial A7750 GF

SS Case, Embossed Numeral Markers Aisan 7750 Movement,28800bph
Skyland Avenger SS 1:1 Best Edition Black Numeral Dial White Subdial A7750 GF

Skyland Avenger SS 1:1 Best Edition Black Numeral Dial White Subdial A7750 GF On Sale

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DESCRIPTION: ??From G Factory?
CASE:SS Case, Embossed Numeral Markers
MOVEMENT:Aisan 7750 Movement,28800bph
DIMENSIONS:45mm x 17mm
CRYSTAL:Sapphire with Double AR Coated

Was: $388.5.00  SALE Price:  $259.00

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Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sU.S.A El Paso
By Claudia Faucher  April 24,2020,9:58 am
Love the sizing feature. Feels so comfortable and stays in place. Great color

1s1s1s1s1sIndia Ernakulam
By Lyn S  April 21,2020,4:42 am
Beautiful watch! Matches everything and is nice for everyday or special occasions. Definitely my new fav, have been wearing it almost everyday since I got it!

1s1s1s1s1sIceland Reykavik
By Chanrotenah Krai  October 7,2019,10:54 am
This watch is classic looking, functional, heavy weight and absolutely beautiful. For the price, you can't beat it. I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.

1s1s1s1s1sGreece Korydallos
By Eunice l  August 10,2019,4:30 am
Is works well, thanks

1s1s1s1s1sItaly Verderio Superiore
By RENEE S  April 13,2020,7:33 am
Works great - excellent smooth transaction.


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