Patek Philippe Twenty 4 steel quartz Kal. E15 Ref. 4910/10

 Patek Philippe
steel quartz
Patek Philippe Twenty 4  steel quartz Kal. E15 Ref. 4910/10

Patek Philippe Twenty 4 steel quartz Kal. E15 Ref. 4910/10 On Sale

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Brand : Patek Philippe
Model : Twenty 4
Type : women's watch
construction : ~ 2000
Mouvement : quartz
Movement/Caliber : E15
Clockwork number : 3594643
Case number : 4858438
Reference number : 4910/10
Case material : steel
Glass : sapphire glass
Clock face : silver
Accessories : pictured new box

Clock face : very good condition
Glass : very good condition with minimal traces of use
Case : very good condition with minimal traces of use
Case back : good condition
Bracelet : very good condition
Movement/Caliber : fully operational / checked for performance, authenticity and functionality

Bracelet material : steel
fits up to a wrist of : 155.00 mm
Clasp : original Patek Philippe flip clasp
Description : Original Patek Philippe steel bracelet. You can determine your wrist size by measuring the inner length of your watch strap with the buckle closed.

Was: $403.5.00  SALE Price:  $269.00

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Customer Reviews
1s1s1s1s1sFrance Roissy En France
By Charles Lucion  November 25,2019,10:59 am
I order it on-line and I was unsure about how was going to look in person (size and quality) but when I got it I was more than impress, I just love it, I wear it all the time.....

1s1s1s1s1sUSA Lodi
By Gerald Brown  June 19,2020,7:19 am


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